Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Behind the Scenes

The shit was crazy! It all came together like the Construct'a-cons in a good episode of the Transformers! Z-trip made it into H-Town and the wheels of steel let the good times roll! we were able to chill before "Show Time" and we caught up for a bit. We got PR!MO to bust out the HD and get a few words from Z for the Stick'em Up Houston documentary.

Z-Trip went old school on us and dropped a lil sum'sum in AW's Black Book. Once a writer, always a writer!

Know Your Alphabets! G, Z, & M

This one was for the personal files!

Finally, it was Show Time and we made our way to Pub Fiction for the event! Props to Pub for giving everyone excellent treatment!
All Photos: Marco from Houston

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